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Google launches Local Home SDK in preview

Back in May during Google’s I/O 2019 developer conference, the tech giant took the wraps off of the Local Home software development kit (SDK), which lets developers run smart code locally on Google Home Speakers and Nest Displays and tap integrated Wi-Fi radios to communicate with smart devices. Today, as …

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6 Tips to Automate Your Marketing

Marketing is really what drives your business forward. But, most marketing activities are tough, tedious, time-consuming, and expensive. Yes, it can be dreadful thinking about all that you must undertake to complete your marketing tasks. But, you must invest in it somehow to keep moving forward. The best way to …

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How to Avoid Bias in Your AI Implementation

In most circles, the word “bias” has obviously negative connotations. Regarding the media, it means news is slanted one way or another. In science, it means preconceived notions led to inaccurate conclusions. When it comes to artificial intelligence, the bias of those who program the software — and the data …

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